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Vision and values

Arch vision

Arch Health CIC exists to explore every opportunity to improve the health and well-being of people without a secure home in Brighton and Hove. We are committed to this because periods of homelessness can have a devastating impact on a person’s life and we believe that excellent, caring, primary health care can prevent long term suffering and save lives.

This vision is achieved through the entire Arch team living our values every day, in our interactions with our patients, partners and each other. This has enabled us to build up a strong and supportive, and now award-winning workplace culture. Just one of the many reasons you might want to have a look at our current vacancies and choose your next role with Arch.

Our vacancies
  • Equality and Fairness: valuing and respecting our patients, staff and partners.
  • Collaboration and Community: working together, investing in our relationships with others
  • Excellence and Curiosity: striving for outstanding quality of care in our services and our organisation
  • Honesty and integrity: being true to ourselves, our patients and our partners
  • Kindness and humanity: being joyful, respectful and compassionate in all our work



Our vacancies
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    A surgery like no other. At Arch you can build meaningful relationships with patients and support them through challenges from beginning to end.

    Yes it's tough, but it's one of the most rewarding roles I’ve ever undertaken, plus you get to work with an amazing team.

    Dr Tal Lewin, Arch Healthcare

Mahatma Ghandi once said “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” At Arch we believe this measure is also true of a city – our city – Brighton & Hove.

ARCH stands for Accessible Restorative Community Health. The name reflects the belief of the team that primary care should move way beyond the treatment of symptoms into community oriented care which focuses on the whole person and promotes restoration, wellness and resilience.

ACCESSIBLE is not simply about an open door, simple registration and a flexible appointment system, though those are important. It’s about a professional, welcoming and non-judgemental culture amongst our entire team so that people who may struggle to access formal services are able to visit their GP with confidence and receive the treatment which they need.

RESTORATIVE is the recognition that each person is a unique and complex individual and is always more than a presenting health issue. Arch will always seek, as far as is possible, to gain an understanding of the whole person and help them to aim for the best possible physical and mental health outcomes.

COMMUNITY is key to every person’s health and wellbeing. Not every problem can be addressed through a consultation with the doctor or nurse, the prescription pad cannot replace our need for positive interactions with fellow human beings. Arch recognises that many, many local groups, organisations, businesses and people play a critical role in the health of our people.

HEALTH is our business, our aim is improving the health of the poorest fastest through outstanding specialist health care and through proactive engagement with the wider community. We believe that homeless people should have access to healthcare which is at least as good as that which is provided for the rest of the population.

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