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Annual remembrance event

A chance to remember

As the specialist healthcare service for people facing homelessness in Brighton, it is important to all who work at Arch, to facilitate remembrance events, in order to stop and reflect about those we’ve known and cared for. We want to make sure their lives are celebrated, and that they get the recognition in death, that they may not have had in life.

We organise this event annually, in partnership with the B&H Frontline Network. It is for local workers, patients and the general public to mark and honour the lives of people who have died whilst homeless in Brighton & Hove throughout the year. These have been poignant and significant events as we have gathered with many others to pay our respects and give a little recognition and dignity to those who often reach the end of their lives so early and yet unnoticed.

Our 2024 Remembrance event will take place on Monday 17th June, 5.30-6.30pm, at Friends Meeting House in Brighton. More details to follow soon, but feel free to turn up on the day, this event is open to all. 

Our online remembrance form is accessible all year round to fill in (link below), We will then remember anyone whose name you submit, at this year’s event.

We held our fifth annual Brighton and Hove Remembrance Event on Tuesday 20th June 2023. Several reflective stations were available with contributions from the Museum of Homelessness and artwork from Making It Out’s Homeless Deaths Memorial.

Remembrance form
A memory tree from Making It Out, with leaf badges to represent people who have died whilst homeless.

A memory tree from Making It Out on display at our 2022 Remembrance event, with leaf badges to represent people who have died whilst homeless.

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