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Arch Healthcare: our services, and how we work

Homelessness has a devastating impact upon health. In addition to the complex health challenges that people face when going through periods of homelessness, the lack of secure accommodation in itself can mean it is harder to access health services and prioritise health and wellbeing needs.

In recognition of this, Arch offers a range of interconnected programmes designed to reach everybody who might benefit from our support; raising awareness of our service amongst eligible people, and ensuring that we break down as many barriers as possible, so that everyone is able to access our services.

More detail on each of these services is below.

Leadership in homeless health

Arch Healthcare aims to provide leadership in the field of homeless health; to advocate for and improve healthcare for people facing homelessness within Brighton, and also to provide a model that can be delivered in different areas across the UK. The very structure of our organisation as a CIC means we are ideally set up to provide the most effective support for our patients – for more detail on our governance, please see our About Us page.

  • We provide an expert voice in local policy decisions that concern our work
  • We bring people in the sector together to provide a joined up service for patients, through large scale events, specialist groups and regular meetings
  • We seek out opportunities for partnership and collaboration with key homelessness organisations, in order to share expertise and provide holistic care for patients
  • We provide formal training opportunities to skill up the local workforce of frontline workers
  • We apply for and administer research projects (e.g. Common Ambition), and we invest in staff training, in order to continue to improve the service we provide.
  • In acknowledgement of the fact that there are still too many premature deaths among people facing homelessness, we hold a yearly Remembrance event, in order to mark the lives of those who have died, and to provide a space for frontline workers to come together and grieve.

For more details on our work, click on the links below, or feel free to contact us to find out more, and how to offer a dedicated homeless healthcare service in your area.


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