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An award-winning workplace

We are so proud to announce that Arch is officially an award winning Culture Leader of 2021!

We are one of just a few small UK businesses recognised by the annual BreatheHR awards, for actively put our people first.

We’ve done this by:

  • demonstrating that we really live our Vision and values: Equality & Fairness; Honesty & Integrity; Kindness & Humanity; Collaboration & Community; Excellence & Curiosity;
  • illustrating how we have put people first in the last year;
  • showing that culture is a business priority.

All this is only possible because every member of the Arch team takes their role and responsibility extremely seriously, recognising the huge impact they can all have on Arch patients. Arch in turn, recognises the importance of every team member, adopting a coaching management rather than a performance management structure and encouraging a non-hierarchical atmosphere in which all employees are empowered to speak up and offer suggestions and challenges. When things go wrong, as they inevitably do sometimes, we are open and honest, and non-judgmental in finding solutions to ensure we continue to improve our working processes and continue to do the best for our patients. The past year has shown us all how important we are to each other, and whilst we have mourned the loss of warmth and spontaneity between colleagues and with patients, we have each benefited from a positive workplace which shares, grieves and celebrates together and understands, to a much greater depth, what is going on for each individual. In every way we are human first, before we are doctors, nurses, support workers, managers or administrators. We want our patients to experience a very human service when they come to us, and this year more than ever, the Arch team have brought their whole selves to work.

We are extremely lucky to have such a fantastic team, and it is wonderful that this has been officially recognised. We firmly believe that this strong culture of people first can only benefit our patients, with each of us trusted, supported and empowered to do our very best for those we care for. We undertake to keep building on this culture and providing the very best care for those who need it most.

Our vision and values
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