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Katie Carter, Pathway Housing & Team Coordinator

Katie Carter

A little bit about me

I have lived on the south coast my whole life but have lots of family on the island of Kos in Greece and have been there almost every year since I was young. Married to a Mancunian whose accent I sometimes understand – ha! I love my job and I adore Brighton. I am a supporter of LGBTQ rights and equality for all. Labour supporter. Dogs are the best and I eat too much chocolate.
In my time off, I love to sing, read and watch movies. My husband and I watch too many movies, we also own too many! I love to cook but not bake, too much math in baking – I’m not one for such precision.

What attracted me to the field of homeless healthcare

I have always had an interest in mental health and social science. Whilst working for Barclays I arranged money and life skills events at the local prison to ensure that on release they understood the things that can often be overwhelming. I realised then what little support vulnerable people received with regards to money, housing, health and jobs. I decided I could do more to help. With homelessness people often suffer with tri-morbidity and so it is an area I felt I could make the most difference.

My role at Arch

I assess and support those admitted to hospital who are homeless. From admission to discharge I am involved throughout (alongside my colleagues Gregg and Chris). That includes advocating for them every step of their journey and trying to ensure they receive the care they require whilst also sorting out everything that is needed on discharge such as housing, nurses, Substance misuse services, Adult Social Care, GP follow-ups and referrals to support agencies such as Justlife.

The best thing about working at Arch

Feeling that you are part of an organisation that is committed to changing the lives of those most vulnerable for the better, with a real focus of collaboration, is very satisfying. I feel valued as a worker and they invest in things to ensure our mental health is supported. We get counselling monthly and a real feeling that you can pick up the phone to any of the staff and feel they are listening. It is a hard job with all of the trauma we all witness and it is wonderful that they acknowledge that.

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